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Betdaq Betting Exchange

Why wager with Betdaq?

BETDAQ Betting Exchange matches over £20 million per week. With this level of liquidity added to Betdaq's low commission rate, BETDAQ betting users get the best value in the market place. Can you afford not to look at what betdaq betting exchange has to offer?

BETDAQ betting users get more choice - to back or lay, to take the odds or ask for more, to bet anything from £2 to thousands of pounds. The odds available to BETDAQ betting exchange users average out at 20% better than those available from traditional betting outlets, with this applying to every betdaq betting event, every day.

Betdaq Betting Exchange Main Advantages

1.You will almost always get better odds with BETDAQ betting exchange than you will with a traditional bookmaker. When a bookmaker sets his odds on an event he builds in a margin for himself, so that if a proportionate amount is bet on each possible outcome, he is guaranteed a profit. This margin is typically anything from 12% to 25% and is necessary in order that the bookmaker can protect himself against the risk of a disproportionate amount being bet on the winner.
At BETDAQ, because you are betting directly against other users, there is no bookmaker's margin. Therefore, the odds that you get on BETDAQ are almost always better - on average, 20% better!
2.You can lay as well as back. You can be the bookmaker at BETDAQ betting exchange. If you do not fancy a horse or a team or a player, you can lay it without having to pick the winner. This also means that you can hedge out of a position and guarantee a profit even before an event has finished.
3.You can bet as much as you like. BETDAQ betting exchange does not impose a limit on the value of your bets. The amount that you bet is limited only by the balance in your account.
4.Winners are welcome. BETDAQ will not restrict the betting activity of winners in any way, and does not close winners' accounts. Quite the opposite, winning is encouraged!                           5. You can take a price or set your own You don't have to take the odds on offer about your selection. If you feel that you can get a better price, you can make your own offer at your own odds. Your offer is then entered into the exchange for other users to accept.
6.You can bet while an event is in running. You can bet with BETDAQ betting exchange after an event has started, right up until the winning line, the final whistle or the last ball.
7.Lowest commission. BETDAQ charges a small commission fee on net winnings per market. Therefore, if you have a losing bet, you pay no commission. If you win, we retain a small percentage of your net winnings. The commission rate is determined by the amount that you bet, and is the lowest in the business. To learn more please visit the betdaq betting exchange web site.

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