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Sporting Index Betting

Why bet with Sporting Index betting?

As Sporting Index betting are the World Leaders in sports spread betting, they have the widest range of spread bets on football, horse racing, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis and much more..

Sporting Index Betting Features:

  • Sporting Index betting has some special services, including:
  • A Free Bet for every new user on a sport of their choice
  • Sporting Index is the only spreads firm that allows you to bet 24 / 7
  • Being the only spreads firm that allows you to bet instantly online
  • Generous promotions on a regular basis

Create your own bets with Sporting Index!

Do you get frustrated by bookmakers not offering you the markets that you want? Sporting Index have the perfect solution - with their new service 'Bet Maker' you can create your own! You have the opportunity to build your own portfolio of bets on a range of different sports, in return for a bespoke price. It's your money, it's your choice.

Spread bet on virtual Sporting Index games!

Sporting Index brings you the world's first instant, non-download spread betting games. You can bet for real or fun.

Learn more about sports spread betting with Sporting Index

Sports spread betting provides you with the ultimate betting thrill and challenges your skill, judgement and knowledge of sport. Sporting Index, the sports spread betting bookmaker, make predictions on various aspects of sporting or topical events. You then decide whether that prediction has been pitched too high or too low.

You will notice that Sporting Index predictions are presented in the form of two prices. This is a range known as the 'spread' and you bet low (also known as a 'Sell') at the first named price and if you wish to bet high (also known as a 'Buy') you would do so at the second price.

For example, if someone asked you to guess their age, you might say 'somewhere between 35 and 38 years old'. In the same way, when we make a prediction, we allow a range. If you were betting on this prediction you would bet low at 35 years or bet high at 38 years.

How do you win or lose?

What you win or lose depends on the stake size you choose and how right or wrong you are. Sporting Index might predict that the 1st goal in a match between Arsenal and Manchester United will be scored in the 36th minute and consequently set a spread of 35 - 37 minutes.

One client who believes there is bound to be an early goal goes LOW at 35 minutes while another who thinks that both defences will be at their best goes HIGH at 37 minutes. If the 1st goal is scored in the 25th minute, the client who went LOW at 35 minutes wins 10 times his stake (35 minutes take away 25 minutes = 10) while the client who went HIGH at 37 minutes loses 12 times his stake. Learn more and practise your spread betting for free at the sporting index web site.

For more information visit: Sporting Index Betting


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